We're grateful to receive support from people that believe in the purpose of having this type of event. Please believe that your support will help make a difference.


Thanks to all of the following Vendors and others for donating items from their stores and services, that we used to raffle or give away as door prizes during the event, and also used for in gift baskets for special guests, entertainers and volunteers.


Please contact us if you want to make a donation towards this event.


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Special thanks to all of the following who helped make this event possible:


August 18, 2018 (6th Annual Aloha Poly Fest)

Aloha Happens Hawaii (Mug)

Aloha Hut (Pillow)

Hana Lima Creations (Recyclable Bag)

Island Goddess (Kid's Pancho)

Legacies of the Pacific (Ipu, T-Shirt)

Luana's (Bracelet, Choker, Tote


Bag, Backpack, Popcorn)

Manea Ukuleles (T-Shirt)

Mel's Lipstick Bar (Lipstick)

San Francisco Sheriff's Department


(4 Bags)

Sari Sari Shop (Recyclable Bag)

Tiffani Nix ($20)


September 2, 2017 (5th Annual Aloha Poly Fest)

Aloha Hut

KeAloha Designs


Luich Enterprises

Mel's Lipstick Bar

Pure Source Crystals (Crystal Rock)

Renegade Botanicals (Body Lotion)

Sari Sari Shop

Sky Blue Designs

Stone Room (2 Crystal Rock)

Wash House Music Group (T-Shirt)


September 3, 2016 (4th Annual Aloha Poly Fest)

Aloha Hut (Kids' T-Shirt)

Hi'iaka Florist (Floral Arrangement)

Kat's Originals (Gourd Bowl, Towel Set)

KeAloha Designs (Artwork)

Luana's (Necklace, Water)

Luich Enterprises (Feather Lei)

One Rogue Wave Graphics & Textiles (Feather Band)


August 8 - 9 , 2015 (3rd Annual Aloha Poly Fest)

Aloha Hut (Beach Towel)

Iupati Custom Arts (Necklace)

KeAloha Designs (Artwork)

Leimat Artifacts (5 Hats)

Love Solid Clothing Co. (Baseball Cap)

Luana's (7 Necklaces, 2 Bracelets, Case of Water)

Luich Enterprises (Feather Lei)

No Limits Worship Center (2 T-Shirts)

Polynesian Connection (Beach Wrap)

Polynesian Creations (2 Beach Wraps, 5 Head Vizors)

Samoa Lokostyle (3 Earrings)

Simply Z Creations (Baseball Cap)


December 13 - 14, 2014 (1st Annual Aloha Poly Holiday Fest)

Aloha Hut (Gift Basket with Christmas Ornaments, Cards, Snacks)

Blessed One Clothing/Greenz Back International (2 T-Shirts, 1 Drawstring Bag)

California Hula Center (Baseball Cap with Hair Flower)

Fine Polynesian Arts & Crafts


(2 Bracelet, 2 Earrings)

40 Rockwell HauaLine SavageKing Clothing (2 T-Shirts, 2 Head Vizors)

Hula Club ANELA (Apron, Baseball Cap with Hair Flower)

Hula Flowers by So Real Factory (2 Flower Hair Clips)

Island Cloud (Beenie) Javita Coffee Company (Gift Bag with 2 Boxes of Coffee, Mug, Coffee Packets)

KeAloha Designs (Art Piece) Kokua Flowers (T-Shirt)

Lotuss Clothing Co. (T-Shirt)

Luich Enterprises (4 Christmas Ornaments)

Makaleka's Creations (Gift bag, Christmas Ornament, Mug, Party Gift Bags)


s Place (Gift Bag with Avon Products, Lotions, Oils)

Nemenzo Te Fare (Pareo)

Nihonmachi Street Fair (2 T-Shirts, 2 Bottle Openers)

Ohana Traditions (2 15-minute Massages)

Polynesian Creations (4 Ie Lavalavas, 1 Baseball Cap, 3 Head Vizors, 10 Lanyards)

SF Koru/Simply Z Creations (T-Shirt)

STM Marketing (Surfboard Wall Hanging)

Sake Sistahs (3 Boxes of Christmas Cards)

Signal Productions (Baseball Cap, 2 T-Shirts)


August 9 - 10, 2014 (2nd Annual Aloha Poly Fest)

Aloha Crafts (Ipu)

Aloha Lei's Shave Ice (2 Shave Ice)

Blessed Love Gospel Reggae Band (2 T-Shirts)

Blessed One Clothing/Greenz Back International (T-Shirt)

Classic Hawaiian Designs (1 $25 Gift Certificate)

Cukui - (2 T-Shirts)

Defend Da Bay Clothing (Baseball Cap)

40 Rockwell HauaLine & SavageKing Clothing (T-Shirt)

Golden Rhode (Fashion-Style Necklace)

Halau 'O Ku'ulei Polynesian Dance (6 Hula Lessons)

Hawaiian Fragrant Crystals (Scented Salts Pouch)

Ina Hawaii - (2 T-Shirts)

Jade Chocolates (Box of Chocolates)

Kapalakiko Productions (2 CDs)

KeAloha Designs (Tote Bag,


2 T-Shirts)


O Hawaii (Hat)

Kirstie's Cookies (Cookies)

Kokua Flowers (T-Shirt)

Lotuss Clothing Supply (T-Shirt)

Love Solid Clothing Co. (Baseball Cap)

Luana's (Case of Bottled Water for "Aloha Poly Fest", 6 Island-Style Jewelry)

Luich Enterprises (Lauhala Box, Feather Lei)

Made in Hawaii (Fashion Necklace)

Matalasi Skin Care and Makeup


(2 Gift Certificates)

Nikonina/Be One (T-Shirt)

No Limits Worship Center (200 Food Plates)

Polynesian Connection (Kukiu Nut Lei)

Polynesian Gift Hut (Kids' Crafts, Toys, Prizes)

S&C Jewels (Necklace)

Sake Sistahs (Insulated Eco Bag)

Samoa Matalasi Skin Care & Makeup (2 Gift Certificates)

Simply Paradise (2 Shell Bracelets)

Simply Z Creations (Necklace)

Totally Oishii (Mochi Sampler)


September 15, 2013 (1st Annual Aloha Poly Fest)

Big Islands Candies - Hawaii (3 Boxes Candy)

Bobbi Crighton (11 Fedora-Style Hats)

Haole Style 'Okole  Resters (2 Custom APF Foot Rests)

Joe Hamer Salon (5 Basket, Hair Products)

KeAloha Designs (Aloha Poly Fest



Luana's (Decorations, Snacks)

Matalasi Skin Care and Makeup (Kids' Zone Face Painting)

Missing Polynesia (65 Samoan Necklaces)

Polynesian Creations (Island-Style Jewelry, Mini Warrior Heads)

Polynesian Gift Hut (Gift Baskets, Crafts, Food Snacks: