Play a game announced on stage and win a give-away prize or get your lucky ticket to win a great prize donated by Vendors and others. Items will be raffled during the event.

Would you like to donate an item that we can raffle away to the public? Your contribution is truly welcome and will be honorably recognized. Please contact us any time if you'd like to help.
Click here to fill out our "Donor Application" online OR Click here to download our "Donor Application" OR Click here to make a donation on our GoFundMe page.

These are some of the prizes we raffled or gave away to the public:

September 3, 2016
• Artwork
• Feather Band
• Feather Lei
• Floral Arrangement
• Gourd Bowl and Towel Set
• Necklace
• T-Shirt

August 8 and 9, 2015
• Artwork
• Beach Wraps (Pareus)
• Caps and Hats
• Feather Lei
• Ipu (Gourd Drum)
• Jewelry
• T-Shirts

August 9 and 10, 2014
• Candy and Food Snacks
• CDs
• Gift Certificates
• Hats
• Jewelry
• Lei
• Scented Salts
• T-Shirts

December 15, 2013
• Candy and Food Snacks
• Foot Bench
• Jewelry
• Scented Items
• T-Shirts
Aloha Poly Fest - San Francisco, California
Celebration in the City...Island-Style!
Aloha Poly Fest - San Francisco, California: Kane Conch
Hawaii - Samoa - Tonga - Fiji - Tahiti - Cook Islands - New Zealand - Guam
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Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 11am to 5pm
Marina Green West in San Francisco, California