Vendors Apply
We're always looking for new Vendors with fresh, new, and special products to add to our group of family and friends that offer island-style and tropical themed products and services.

If you're interested in selling crafts, merchandise or food, or offering a service at the 6th Annual summertime event, please fill out and submit and application listed below: (Only California permitted Food Truck Vendors are welcome to sell at this year's event. No structured Food Booths will be allowed.)

Vendor Application (fill out online) OR (download)
Aloha Poly Fest - San Francisco, California
Celebration in the City...Island-Style!
Aloha Poly Fest - San Francisco, California: Kane Conch
Hawaii - Samoa - Tonga - Fiji - Tahiti - Cook Islands - New Zealand - Guam
Aloha Poly Fest - San Francisco, California: Logo
Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 11am to 5pm
Marina Green West in San Francisco, California
10' x 10'
10' x 20'
10' x 30'
Information Provider (Non-Profit) $0    
Information Provider (Profit) $150    
Service Provider (Non-Profit) $0    
Service Provider (Profit) $150    
Massager $100 (per chair/table)    
Retail Merchandise (NO Packaged Food and Drinks) $200 $375  
Retail Merchandise (WITH Packaged Food and Drinks) $325 $500  
Packaged Foods and Drinks (NO Other Retail Merchandise) $250    
Drinks prepared and served (Coffee, Fruit Blends, Shave Ice...) $300    
Hot Food (Trucks only; NO Booth Structures) $350 $350 $350
NUMBER OF ATTENDEES: ALOHA POLY FEST continues to grow every year. It's estimated that a couple of thousand people will come and go throughout the day, including heavy foot traffic from locals, visitors, and a nearby marathon.

NUMBER OF VENDORS: Approximately 50 spaces will be available for all Vendors (including Food Trucks).

ADVERTISING: Posters, flyers and postcards will be handed out at other events, posted in different community businesses, and listed on various social media platforms. Last year ALOHA POLY FEST was featured as, "Aloha comes to the Bay Area", in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, and "Aloha Poly Fest Tops weekend events in SF" on Channel 7 ABC News in 2016. We hope to have more media exposure this year. Help spread the news!

CONTACT: Charles Hamer (aka Uncle Charlie) is the contact for all Vendors. Call or send text message to (415) 374-3553 or Email to

RENT: Space fees are listed on the "Vendor Application". Only California permitted Food Truck Vendors are welcome to participate at this year's event. No structured Food Booths will be allowed. Estimated concession sales due to San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department are included in the fees. Where applicable, Public Health fees are included in the Vendor Space fees. No Drinks may be sold by any participating Vendor, including Food trucks.

Space is limited and will be assigned according to date and type of merchandise or service being offered. Up until the night before the event or upon check-in at the event, you'll receive the space assigned to you, check-in details, and receipt of payment. Sharing booths with another Vendor is not allowed unless pre-authorized by us. Absolutely no subleasing of any booth is allowed.

Trash and Recycle bins will be onsite. DO NOT use these to throw away any large items or packaging (such as boxes, paper...). These are rented strictly for the public's use of trash from food and drinks. Vednors that violate this rule will be fined $50.

BOOTH SIZES: "Single space" allows room for one 10'x10' setup. "Double space" allows room for one 10'x20' setup. "Triple space" allows room for 10'x30' Food Truck. There may be a little extra room to extend beyond all spaces. All Food Trucks must have their own hot water to wash hands that is separate from their own dish washing station. NO water or electricity will be provided. Small generators are acceptable.

EQUIPMENT: You must bring your own canopy tent, structure walls, tables, chairs and other equipment needed to operate your business. DO NOT use nails, screws, glue or anything other than blue tape and rope to hang things from the walls, plants or trees on the premises. DO NOT stake anything into the ground. Open flames, candles, sparklers, balloons, fog machines, and smoke are NOT ALLOWED.

PAYMENT: All Checks and Money Orders are accepted, made payable to "Charles Hamer" with "Aloha Poly Fest 2018" on the Reference Memo line OR you can pay online through You'll receive a confirmation by email if your application is accepted, and after your payment clears. If your application is not accepted, your payment will be returned before the event along with the reason why we did not accept your application. You’ll be assessed a $50 fee if your check is returned by any financial institution for any reason.

DUE DATE: Applications and payments are accepted until enough spaces are filled, and announced on the official website.

SETUP & BREAKDOWN: Setup time on Saturday, August 13, 2018, is from 9am to 11am. Breakdown time is allowed at 4:30pm to be completely vacated by 6pm. Make sure to bring a handcart to transport things to and from your space from the parking lot or street curb.

PARKING: ALL DAY FREE PARKING is available anywhere in and out of the parking lots and surrounding area.

SECURITY: San Francisco Recreation & Parks Ranger, San Francisco Police Department and/or San Francisco Sheriff's Department will be on the grounds during the event.

INSURANCE, LICENSES & PERMITS: We have event insurance that covers property damage and bodily injury only.  We recommend, but not require, that you have your own liability insurance. You MUST possess a valid California Business Seller’s Permit or Non-Profit certificate in order to rent any Vendor space at ALOHA POLY FEST. Please make sure to include a copy with your "Vendor Application". Vendors who sell only one time per year in California may obtain a "Temporary Business Seller's Permit" by visiting You are solely responsible for collecting and filing your own taxes. Food Truck Vendors must include the SFDPH Moblie Food Facility Concessionaire Application with the "Vendor Application".

DONATION: Anything you're able to donate is welcome, but not mandatory. Every donation received will be used in a raffle or giveaway to the public in order to help with event expenses. An identifiable ALOHA POLY FEST representative will collect your donation if you are unable to drop it off at the ALOHA POLY FEST booth. Please include your name or business card for recognition.

CANCELLATION: Full refund is available if the event is cancelled for any reason before the scheduled event date. If the event is cancelled for any reason, you'll receive a full refund whether or not you cancel up to the day of the event. Otherwise, you'll receive a Full refund if you cancel in writing up to 30 days before the event OR Half refund if you cancel in writing up to 15 days before the event. No refund will be available if you cancel in writing less than 15 days before the event. No refund will be available if you don’t show up, or are removed due to any violation of the rules and regulations outlined above.