We're always looking for dedicated, proactive and motivated people to join our group of family and friends to work at the event or at home to help make things run well. We also welcome comments that will help improve our quality of service in any area. Click here for a list of past Volunteers.

If you're interested in peforming at the 7th Annual summertime event in San Francisco, California, please contact us for access to the Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Application (fill out online) OR (download)
Aloha Poly Fest - San Francisco, California
Celebration in the City...Island-Style!
Aloha Poly Fest - San Francisco, California: Kane Conch
Hawaii - Samoa - Tonga - Tahiti - Cook Islands - New Zealand
Aloha Poly Fest - San Francisco, California: Logo
Marina Green West Park - San Francisco, California
Saturday, August 17, 2019 - 10am to 6pm
7th Annual