We're always looking for Vendors with fresh, new, and special products to add to our group of family and friends that offer island-style and tropical themed products and services.

Contact us by email or text if you want to receive a Vendor Application by email to sell crafts, merchandise or food, or offer a service at this year's event.
No applications accepted after May 31, 2022.

Check back later for the list of Vendors participating in the event.

SINGLE SPACE (10'x10')
     • Information and Services Providers (NO SALES) - $100 ($150 after May 15, 2022)
     • Merchandise (NO PACKAGED FOOD AND DRINKS) - $200 ($250 after May 15, 2022)
     • Packaged Food AND/OR Drinks (NO MERCHANDISE) - $200 ($250 after May 15, 2022)
• Merchandise AND/OR Packaged Food and Drinks - $350 ($400 after May 15, 2022)

DOUBLE SPACE (10'x20')
     • Merchandise (NO PACKAGED FOOD AND DRINKS) - $350 ($400 after May 15, 2022)
     • Packaged Food and Drinks (NO OTHER MERCHANDISE) - $350 ($400 after May 15, 2022)
• Merchandise AND/OR Packaged Food and Drinks - $600 ($650 after May 15, 2022)

FOOD SPACE (10'X30')
     • Food Booth (NO OPEN FLAME OR PETROLEUM GAS) - $300 ($350 after May 15, 2022)
• Food Truck/Cart - $300 ($350 after May 15, 2022)

NUMBER OF ATTENDEES: We can't predict the amount of people that will come and go throughout the day.

NUMBER OF VENDORS: We can't predict how many Vendors will apply to participate in the event.

ADVERTISING: Posters, flyers and postcards will be handed out at other events, posted in different community businesses, and listed on various social media platforms. In 2018 ALOHA POLY FEST was awarded a "Certificate of Recognition" by Senator Scott Weiner and Assemblyman David Chu on behalf of the State of California. 2017 the event was featured as the story "Aloha comes to the Bay Area" in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. 2016 The event appeared as "Tops weekend events in SF" on Channel 7 ABC News. We plan to have more media exposure this year. Help spread the news!

CONTACT: Charles Hamer (aka Uncle Charlie) is the contact for all Vendors. Call or text (415) 374-3553 or Email

VENUE: TBD in or near San Francisco, California, is the location for next summer’s event.

RENT: Space fees are listed on the "Vendor Application". SF Department of Public Health fees are included in all Food Vendor Spaces. Bottled and canned drinks may only be sold by Vendors with our approval.

Space is limited and will be assigned according to date and type of merchandise or service being offered. Up until the night before the event or upon check-in at the event, you’ll receive the space assigned to you, check-in details, and receipt of payment. Sharing booths with another Vendor is not allowed unless pre-authorized by us. Absolutely no subleasing of any booth is allowed.

Trash and Recycle bins will be on-site. DO NOT use these to throw away any large items or packaging (such as boxes, paper…). These are strictly for the public’s use for trash from food and drinks.
Vendors that violate this rule will be fined $50.

BOOTH SIZES: "Single space" allows room for one 10'x10' setup. "Double space" allows room for one 10'x20' setup. There will be a little extra room to extend beyond all spaces. All Food Truck/Cart Vendors must have their own hot water to wash hands that is separate from their own dish washing station. Cold tap water is available onsite. NO electricity will be provided. Small generators are acceptable. All Food Truck/Cart Vendors must have current San Francisco Department of Public Health Inspection Card and Commercial Liability Insurance naming San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department and Marina Green West as Additional Insured. San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department DOES NOT PERMIT outdoor cooking using an open flame OR Pertloeum gas.

EQUIPMENT: You must bring your own canopy tent, structure walls, tables, chairs and other equipment needed to operate your business. You should also have hand sanitizer available and visible at all times.
DO NOT use nails, screws, glue or anything other than blue tape and rope to hang things from the walls, plants or trees on the premises. DO NOT stake anything into the ground. Open flames, candles, sparklers, balloons, fog machines, and smoke are NOT ALLOWED. Generators ARE NOT ALLOWED on grass without being placed on wooden boards.

PAYMENT: All Checks and Money Orders are accepted, made payable to "Charles Hamer" with "Aloha Poly Fest 2022" on the Reference Memo line OR you can pay online through @Charles-Hamer.
After your application and payment is received you'll receive an email confirmation from us. If your application is not accepted, your payment will be returned by mail before the event, along with the reason that we did not accept your application. You'll be assessed a $50 fee if your check is returned by any financial institution for any reason.

DUE DATE: Applications and payments are accepted until May 31, 2022.
$50 Fee applies to applications stamped and mailed after May 15, 2022.

SETUP & BREAKDOWN: Setup time on Saturday, June 18, 2022, is from 9am to 12pm (Your vehicle MUST BE legally parked by 11am).
NEVER leave any of your things on the sidewalk that will block people from walking through.  Breakdown time is allowed at 4:30 pm to be completely vacated by 6pm. We advise you to bring a handcart to move things to and from your vehicle.

The event officially begins at 11am giving visitors an hour to shop and set up before the entertainment begins. However, the open space allows for public entry at any time after 8am. Lunch service begins at 12pm. Live Entertainment begins at 12:30pm or 1pm. San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department permits only 4 hours of consecutive amplified sound.

PARKING: ALL DAY FREE PARKING is available anywhere in or out of the parking lot and surrounding area. Be careful to read street signs for restricted hours.
ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING OR DRIVING on the grass at any time. NEVER leave valuable objects in your vehicle that may be visible to others.

SECURITY: Park Ranger will monitor the event.

INSURANCE, LICENSES & PERMITS: We have event insurance that covers property damage and bodily injury only.  We recommend, but not require, that you have your own liability insurance. You MUST possess a valid California Business Seller’s Permit or Non-Profit certificate to rent a Vendor space at ALOHA POLY FEST. Please make sure to include a copy with your “Vendor Application”. Vendors who sell only one time per year in California may obtain a “Temporary Business Seller’s Permit” by visiting You are solely responsible for collecting and filing your own taxes. 
Food Vendors must also submit to us the “Temporary Food Facility Concessionaire Application” ( OR “Mobile Food Facility Concessionaire Application” ( along with the “Vendor Application” and “Vendor Agreement”.

CANCELLATION: Full refund is available if the event is cancelled for any reason before the scheduled event date. If the event is cancelled for any reason, you'll receive a full refund whether or not you cancel up to the day of the event. Otherwise, you'll receive a full refund if you cancel in writing up to 30 days before the event OR Half refund if you cancel in writing up to 15 days before the event. No refund will be available if you cancel in writing less than 15 days before the event. No refund will be available if you don’t show up, or are removed due to any violation of the rules and regulations outlined above.
August 27-28, 2022 - Location TBA early 2022
Hawaii - Samoa - Tonga - Tahiti - Cook Islands - New Zealand - Fiji - Guam
10th Annual